January Goals – 2014

So! In order to get all of my goals for the year done, I’m breaking things down into a monthly list, So expect a goals post every first Monday of the month.

Okay, so I really only need to read 10 books a month to reach my reading goal for this year, but I’m a firm believer in the “head start” so! For January, I’ve decided I’m going to try to buzz through all the graphic novels and middle grade I own, but have yet to read. It’s kind of a daunting stack, but I’m hoping it’s not as HUGE a task as it seems.

Writing/ Revising:
This month’s w/c goal is: 34,000-words. That’s finishing one book, and getting about a quarter of the way through a second. It is also less words for the entire month than any of the counts I hit last year (event the smallest writing month saw over 40k). So I’m pretty confident I’ll be able to get there.

Revision #1 is on the table for January. It’s the second draft of Novel #2 in the Flynn series (and I’m kind of cheating because the revision is already almost half done… but I’m okay with that.)

I’m hoping to get the information for THE REFORMATION OF TYLER HARRIS up on the website, and I’ll probably start working on the format change here (so if things look weird, I’m sorry.)

What about you guys? Any goals or plans for January?


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