January Update #1

Books Read: 6

Like I said in my goals post, I’m focusing on my collection of graphic novels and middle grade this month – the things I’ve bought but never got around to reading, so that is the vast majority of this week’s reading pile. I also read the only Manga on my shelf and a romance that held me over the day I forgot my physical copy – hooray iphone kindle app.

Batman Vol 1: The Court of Owls (New 52)
Darth Vader and Son
Dr. Horrible and Other Stories
Crayon Shinchan Vol. 1
When You Wish Upon a Duke
Fortunately, the Milk

Words Written: 15,852

I wouldn’t call that a bad word-count for 5 days worth of writing (th-f of last week, m, w-th this week). I wound up working on more than just the first priority ms this week, but I’m okay with that. My goal is constant progress, and I managed to get that.

The second ms I worked on is a book I love, my beta reader has been drooling over snippets I’ve been sending her, and at the moment…. well, I’m feeling very hopeful about it. But I don’t think I’m going to talk about it in any detail. I’m not even going to tell you what genre/category it’s in. Somehow I feel like that might jinx the progress I’ve been making.

Speaking of that progress, I think part of the reason it’s going so easily is that when I get to a point where I feel a general ‘blah’ about writing, I hop over to my pinterest board and start doing a self-imposed writing prompt. Basically, I go through the board and I choose a picture and I stare at it for five seconds and let it inspire me, and then, I write. I’ve added over 5k to that one book just from doing those little writing exercises.

On a semi-unrelated topic, I’ve been fidgeting with the blog's design. It’s nowhere near perfect, but I believe it’s easier to read and that was my main goal. I’ll still be tweaking it here and there (and I’ve got to get a header back and sorted) but I’d love to hear thoughts and suggestions if you have any.

Have a great (and productive) weekend!


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