About the Super Secret Project of Awesome

Sooooooooo…. the blog has been quiet lately aside from the Monthly update that kind of writes itself. There’s been a good reason for that…
(It’s today! Happy Birthday Natalie!)

And because of many reasons I did not go the conventional route for her Birthday present this year. Usually we do something fun… and tea. ALWAYS TEA. (We are tea fiends)


So, if you’ve noticed the bars up in the right hand corner… there’s a purple bar right at the top. It’s not really a SUPERSECRETPROJECT anymore. It is still made of awesome. So, I’m going to talk about it today. (I’m sure you’re thinking, “AMY, Get to the point!”)

Right! Natalie’s birthday is today, and the Super Secret Project of Awesome was her birthday present. I wrote her a Clockwork Fairytale retelling of Beauty and the Beast. It was a ton of fun and stressful and so crazy all at once.

And I can’t share it. Not until I get permission, anyway. But I could Not. Stop. Smiling. yesterday when I sent it to her.

It reminded me one of the reasons I write – Joy. My own and touching other souls one at a time.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NATALIE. You’re super awesome, and you deserve all the things that fall into the super awesome category too.


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