Jan/Feb Goals

January’s Round up

Reading –
Goal: 17 (all the graphic novels and middle grade I own)
Result: 7

Clearly, I set last month’s bar a little high…. I think I could have done better…. but the end of the month got hectic and well, excuses are booooooring.

Goal: 34,000-words, Finish TRTH D1, get 1/4 through SK1
Result: 38,579-words, TRTH Finished, SK1 on hold
This one, I finished. Phew. I got in a little over 2k/day this month (on the days I wrote), and I think I would have gotten a ton more in if I hadn’t run up against the decision of whether or not to put SK on hold. It was an irritating week where I weighed options and decided that publishing it in between the Flynn books was not a good idea. So I moved on. Hopefully it was the right choice.

Goal: Finish TRTH Revision 1
Result: Done, Revised. Bueno.
Tyler is off being revised by secondary eyes Numero Uno. I’d have to look at my schedule to know for sure when I’m supposed to get it back… but I know it’s soon-ish. ETA: I got the first edit back 5 Hours after this posted!

Blog/Websites –
            Goal: Get TRTH blurb and other info on the website
            Result: Done
Bonus, I got the cover up as well. (THANKS JESSE!!!). So that’s awesome.

            Goal: Format change on the blog
            Result: Um… started?
I’m still working through some kinks and I have to get a header sorted out, but I think it’s going okay with the new layout/color format. (Anyone have any thoughts?)

February Goals

Reading: -
Read 10 books. I’m going to focus on some of the YA novels I still need to read. This is my stack for February:

(Bottom up): Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor, The Eternal Ones by Kristen Miller, Wish by Alexandra Bullen, Enclave by Ann Agguire, The Fault in our Stars by John Green, Legend by Marie Lu, Elenor & Park by Rainbow Rowell, Uglies by Scott Westerfeld, Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi, and Valiant by Holly Black
Writing/Revising –
I’m looking to get 60,000-words in in February. January I didn’t hold myself to any sort of discipline… I just wrote. I had itty bitty goals each day and if I met those, I was happy. This month, I’m putting my nose to the proverbial grind stone and getting some momentum on this year!

It’s a short month… but I like setting lofty goals, so I’m going to try to revise TWO books. One of them is a novella, and the other is a short novel (60k) so it’s like revising one novel instead of two.

Blog/Websites -
Keep the website “news” section as up to date as possible – without getting silly.
Also, I hope to have some more “Extra” stuff up on it this month as well!

And, I’d like to connect more. Getting back into a regular dialog with the people I’ve met through this crazy journey of blogging and writing. And also with people I’ve yet to meet who are willing to put up with the dumb things that come out of my brain (before the editing process) and are on this same journey.


  1. Um...Ok, these are impressive. I'm READING your goals and I feel a little worn out. Seriously, good for you!!

    1. Thanks Liz, I'm actually taking a step back from my HUGE goals for 2013. And once I finish my deadline set for today, I'll be able to actually get focused on this mont's goals in earnest.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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