Feb/Mar Goals

February, being the shortest month of the year, should really be one of the months I get the least done, right?

Well, last year, I got in my highest w/c of the year (monthwise) at just over 133K-words, and this year, while I am not on that same strict diet of GET ALL THE WORDS WRITTEN, I did have a decent February again this year.

February’s Roundup
Reading –

Goal: Read 10 Books
Result: 5

I only got half way through my goal this month. Some weird stuff happened middle of the month that derailed a lot of my plans, and so reading was the first thing that got pushed to the side.

Writing/Revising –

Goal: 60,000-words
Result: 56,567-words

I still count this as a win. I got within 4k of my goal in only 18 days, and have I mentioned I’m planning a wedding too? A large part of the writing was during my three days of “catch-up” where I just wrote. Didn’t matter what on, I just wrote. So I put in large chunks of wordage… but not necessarily on things that I have time to focus on right now.

Goal: 1 Novella, 1 Novel
Result: DONE

I had these two done in the first weeks, before things got complicated off the page. I think they’ll each need another pass, but luckily, I’ll get to hand them off to a beta reader to tell me why I hate them – or why I shouldn’t.

Blog/Websites –
Goal: Keep News Section updated, get some Extras up, and connect more.
Result: (See below)

So, I’ve definitely got the news section updated – there isn’t a ton to do on that (but I’m working on it). And I’ve got a few little things in the works for the “extras” but nothing that panned out for this month. And connecting more got derailed by some wedding related stuff.

March’s Goals
Reading –Once again, I’m shooting for 10 books. This month though, I’m not going to try to pick which ones beforehand. (Especially since my fingers are crossed for the potential of books for my birthday!)

Writing/Revising –
This is the shortest writing month I have all year… I think. I’ve only got 12 days in March, so I’m not going to force myself to get too terribly much done. I’m only shooting for 30,000-words.

Blog/Websites – I’m keeping with last month’s goals on this one.


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