How March Fared, What April Holds

I tend to avoid posting on April fool's day (just as a general rule), but I did put up a short post on my personal blog yesterday about getting married (in black).

But let's ignore that, and talk about March

March’s Round up 

Reading –

Once again, I tried for 10 books. This time without trying to pick which ones beforehand. And as you can see by the titles, I'm only off by one. It probably helped that I've been sick twice this month, so I got a little extra reading time in.

Writing/Revising –

This should be the shortest writing month I have all year…  and I still only got to 2/3rds of my goal.  There was a lot going on the last two weeks of the month, and I hadn't really planned to get anything written the last one, so I'm just happy I got to where I did. 

Blog/Websites – I didn't do much with the blog or website this month - blame it on the wedding (I am), and the stuff I did do was mostly behind-the-scenes stuff, so I'll bring it up inn the month it becomes relevant.

April’s Goals
Reading –
This month, I'm going to be mean to myself and try to shoot for 15 books. Once again, I’m not going to try to pick which ones beforehand. I've got some birthday books I'm really excited about (including a new-release from the last week in march I bought myself) and so I'm hoping to get a good count in this month.)

Writing/Revising – 

I’ve only got 13 writing days scheduled in April, but I'm shooting for 40k. It's only a little over 3k/day, so it should be no problem.

As for revising, I've got plans to get a novel up to snuff, and send it off to my editors by the middle of the month. *Fingers crossed that works*

Blog/Websites – There are some exciting things planned, that I can't actually talk about yet... but soon!


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