IWSG: Starting Over

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Writing is a series of starting over.

There’s only one real “Start” that gets out of the way when you start your first novel. From then on out, everything is beginning again. You finish a draft, you start over by rewriting or editing. You move on to your next project and you start the entire process over again.

That is what gets at my insecurities.

Most of the time starting over makes me forget. I’ve got a blank page and an outline… and no idea how I managed to get a decent word count into a first draft the last time around. I restart a book after letting a draft sit and I stare at the words wondering how I ever thought they were the right ones to put on the page.

I start over every day. I clear out my word-count goal spreadsheet and I start the meter running again. And I don’t always make it.

But maybe that’s the best thing about starting over… I get to try again tomorrow.

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