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So Long, September

Words Written: 44,091
I managed to hit my month goal, which was nice after several months of low word count. It’s amazing how much things like formatting and marketing can get in your way… and oh yeah, that little thing called life.I do have to be careful though… when I get too engrossed in meeting counts when I’m uber busy, I can and have found that I’ll forget to eat. Bad writer. Drafts Finished: 1

I powered through a rewrite of what is probably the fifth draft of a short story that will go up in January. I’m so much happier with it this go around, and it’s finally at the word count it needs to be at.
Books Revised: 2
The first revision was my first (or maybe second?) pass of the next Flynn Novella, the second was the input notes from beta #1. In all, I added a scant 2,845 to the two books and sent them off to their next reader. It’s like manuscript hot-potato over here.
Print Books Accuired: 6
Ready Player One – Earnest Cline This went on my list after I interviewed Jason M. Hough and he …

IWSG: Advice on Writing, Publishing, and Marketing

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Writing - Make it a Habit and Keep Yourself Accountable Twitter and cat videos can be fun, but they don’t get any words on a page. Setting daily goals, making writing a habit and keeping yourself accountable are all keys to getting where you want to be. The goals don’t have to be huge, your habit doesn’t have to consume your whole life.

Start small if you need to. Get up a half hour early in the morning and tap out 500 words in one go, or snatch them whenever you can. Get in the habit and write down your accomplishments. Tangible evidence will always help spur you on to your next day’s goal. Keep these notes in a spreadsheet or in a journal. Make lists or write out what you wrote and how those scenes made you feel.

Publishing - Always Do Your Research Publishing a book is a job. You want to do it right – the first time. Whether you’re taking the traditional route through an agent, or wading into the murky water of self-publish…