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Feb/Mar Goals

February, being the shortest month of the year, should really be one of the months I get the least done, right?

Well, last year, I got in my highest w/c of the year (monthwise) at just over 133K-words, and this year, while I am not on that same strict diet of GET ALL THE WORDS WRITTEN, I did have a decent February again this year.

February’s Roundup
Reading –

Goal: Read 10 Books
Result: 5

I only got half way through my goal this month. Some weird stuff happened middle of the month that derailed a lot of my plans, and so reading was the first thing that got pushed to the side.

Writing/Revising –

Goal: 60,000-words
Result: 56,567-words

I still count this as a win. I got within 4k of my goal in only 18 days, and have I mentioned I’m planning a wedding too? A large part of the writing was during my three days of “catch-up” where I just wrote. Didn’t matter what on, I just wrote. So I put in large chunks of wordage… but not necessarily on things that I have time to focus on right now.