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IWSG: Starting Over


July is (Finally) Over

July is over and gone…. how did that happen?
I’ll admit, the summer months get me quite frazzled. I blame the excessive heat and the dust storms. (but that’s probably not the real reason)
August is here and now and I’ve every plan of getting back on track and keeping up with this. You are more than welcome to start a betting pool if you think I won’t be able to hack it. Maybe I wont.
So let’s get down to business July’s overview!
Books published: 1 (Though I did get another paperback edition up and running as well!)
Windthrow came out at the beginning of the month and let’s face it, that’s all I really got done over here on the blog this month – talking about that.
First Drafts finished: 1.5

Book 3 of the Flynn series is done and in edits so it is on-track for my planned pub date! and I’ve accomplished my goal of 50% on book 3.5 (a novella that takes place at the same time as book 3).
Total words written: 32,918

Not my best count, but thankfully not my worst count. Let’s bl…