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Let’s talk about my favorite books read in 2015

I’m going with what I’ve marked as 5-stars on GoodReads. Largely because with my memory issues after the two seizures this summer/fall, I’m not sure I can trust my memory well enough to say otherwise. And I plan to read one more in the last week of this year, but no promises (though I have been assured I’m going to love it, it’s one of my mom’s absolute favorites from recent years.)

This year, I read 55 Novels (it looks prettier if you take a gander at it on the GoodReads site). 5-star | 8 books
4-star | 21 books
3-star | 8 books
2-star | 6 books
1-star | 3 books
0-star | 10 books *

As you’ll see with these five, I’m not lying when I say I read EVERYTHING, there’s paranormal, SciFi, a YA Thriller, a graphic novel, steampunk and contemporary romance in here.
Patricia BriggsNight Broken (Book 8, Mercy Thompson) I’m going to admit. I really dislike when you have x number ofo books in one format and then suddenly start releasing them in a different format (in this case, mass market paperback and…

Let's talk about what happened in 2014, and what I'm hoping will happen in 2015


For 2014, I set a goal of 100 books on GoodReads, and I made it.  With an extra three for good measure. (This picture is not in order.)
This year, I'm not pushing myself to get as much reading done. If I do get close to this number again, awesome. But for right now, my only goals are one fiction and one non-fiction book per month.


So... I got in over 400,000-words in 2014. (The colorful column to the far right is my daily average.)

I'm going to try to get in more this year (which is why the reading goal has diminished some what).  My writing goals are all tied to the next bit of achieved/future goals.


I published 4 books in 2014. Books 2, 3 & 3.5 in the Flynn Monroe series, as well as my stand alone novel Windthrow. (Quick and Painless not pictured)

This year, I hope to put out a few more than four. I've got three written (one scheduled to drop next week, hopefully) and the others... well, I'm not certain of their plan yet!

I hope you all…