My Workspace

To be completely fair, I don't do the majority of my writing here. I would, if I could. But this is my home writing space.

I thought I'd share it with you today.

3 Things I like:

My inspiration ladder. (Though I do need to change out the string and reorganize it for the new writing schedule) It's great to have images right there that I can look up at to give my eyes a rest while still looking at images that inspire me, writing tips, and little quotes/reminders.

The lamp. It's just a desk lamp I got at target on sale, but it's lovely, and with the addition of a blue lens that can be removed when needed, I can write while Earl's asleep (something that can be difficult in a studio).

The space on this desktop doesn't seem that big.... until you put 900 things on it and still have all that space. Don't get me wrong, you still have to organize it, but I've got three dictionaries, a thesaurus and four other writing books down in the bookshelf underneath (behind the filing cabinet), I've got a run of other reference books behind the magazine file (that holds all my tea stuff), there are two dragons, a bull dog.... and still plenty of space.

3 Things I'd change:

If I was writing at home full time, I'd get a new chair. This one is fine for sitting in, but only so long as you're able to lounge, and that means long writing binges at home are either done in a weird reclined position with my keyboard on my lap, or make my back hurt.

I need an actual mouse pad. The thing you see under my mouse currently is a notebook. It does the job... but the real thing would do it better.

Better storage for my business cards. That cardboard box set up in the corner is the box they came in, and it's the box they've stayed in - even though the thing is under half full by now.


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