Why Do We Live In A World Of Either/Or

We live in an amazingly diverse world. Ours is a planet where creatures can live with no sunlight at the bottom of the sea, or survive in habitats with little to no water. We’ve been to space and climbed Everest, and taken submersibles into the depths…. And yet there are so many things we approach as either/ or with no in between.

I am surrounded, daily, by people who believe there are only two political trains of thought and if you are conservative, you have to be conservative in all things, if you are liberal, you have to be liberal in all things. They believe that gender is binary and anything otherwise is an oddity that can’t be explained (though one specific individual would tell you it’s the devil’s doing.) From a young age, I was taught about good and evil with little preparation for the fact that good people can and will do evil things, and the other way around.

There is an odd belief that there has to be one right way and we have to choose what that is.

It’s a belief that sets us up for failure.

Why is it that we can do such amazing things, but we cannot wrap our heads around the idea that there are so many more than just two options?

I have no answer to this… only more questions.


  1. You know, I do believe there is a good and bad, right and wrong, and that this world is a life of chaos where we have to pick through the insanity and come to embrace what's right. People have their agency (or ability to choose) and you can never control what they'll do or say, but you do control how you react and who you become.


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