Rolling into March

February was better than March. I took time off from some real life stuff and focused on a few things - among them, trying to get more consistency to my daily productivity.

Things got better... but at the same time, they didn't really make it to the point I was hoping for.

End totals:

Words Written: 30,104
Drafts Finished: 3 (all short stories)
Projects revised: 4 (the 3 short stories and one novel that needs another go-through)
Books Read: 6 (only one of which got a 4 star rating.)

I hope that March will be better. I'm going to attempt to change up my writing schedule and see if that helps. I do have a trip impending this month and that will make things work a little differently, but... fingers crossed I'll get my focus back and the words will fall from my fingertips.

Goals for March include:

Finishing 4 drafts
Revising 3 projects
Getting back to a normal schedule here


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