Tiffany Reisz: Interview & Giveaway! (Closed)

Last week I was in Oregon, and I had the wonderful opportunity to speak with Tiffany Reisz. Author of The Original Sinners series (The siren, The Angel... The King) and other fun erotic stories. It was a lovely hour in a Portland coffee shop and I'm really happy we had the opportunity to get together. (I interviewed her before The Siren came out check that out here)

My copy and what could be yours!

The next book in her series comes out Today! And you can win it right here (at the bottom of this post.

Hopefully you're already familiar with Tiffany, but if not, you can learn more about her here or stalk her on twitter.

Along with just talking away (in which I embarrassingly lost my train of thought a time or two) I asked her four questions:

 - We're nearing the end of the Original Sinners series. Do you feel like you're plodding toward the end? or is it a math problem where you're on train A and the books are on train b, and at point X there's going to be a terribly crash?

The siren took a long time to write because it was creation. Building this world and these characters and that takes time, but once that was done, the series had a ton of kinetic energy and it got easier. Then she went into the prequel part of the series and it got hard again for a while, putting together the past pieces of a characters she'd already spent so much time with.

But! she's done with the drafting. So the end is in sight for her (a little further away for the rest of us.

 - Do you run into readers who are afraid of you?

She's never met with outright fear. On occasion she's found that people either love Nora or hate her and that effects how they react to her. 

She's Bon Jovi. When you think of celebrities like the hair bands of the (decade) and the gangster rappers of the (decade) those two groups were considered fearsome by lots of people in their respective eras. But, she pointed out: rappers are poets and hair bands are populated by band geeks.

 - Aside from moving across the country, getting married and other, personal changes, has your life altered terribly since the Siren came out?

Life changed and stayed exactly the same.  It was more like an upgrade. Yes, she got to quit her job, but she treats writing like it is a day job, so it's more like she switched careers than "quit working." She gets to read more and clean more (woman after my own heart).

She's happy it happened later in life, when she was wise enough to not do something silly with the fame she's acquired.

 - What weird assumptions have you run into when you tell people your an author? and then when you clarify your genre?

She approaches it with humor and thinks that is the reason she's never had a negative experience. When people ask her about them, she leads with "You're too young for them." She's said this to sixty year olds... to her grandmother. Everyone is too young to read her books. Even you. Especially you.

Related to the last answer, let's get to the giveaway that you're much too young for!

One signed copy of The Virgin by Tiffany Reisz (book 7)


 - US Residents only (Sorry international folks)

 - 18 and over (ever one is too young for this book, that includes you)

 - Fill out the rafflecopter (entries gained by commenting on this blog post, tweeting about the giveaway, and following tiffany or myself on twitter.)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Drawing ends Thursday at midnight, email goes out to the winner tomorrow morning, if you win, you have twenty four hours to get me your address, then I'll contact an alternate.

And, if you're impatient and just want to get to ordering any of her awesome books, have at it.

Happy Reading!


  1. The reason she hasn't met people scared of her is the scared ones run away instead of introducing themselves. I hold myself up as exhibit A.

  2. Love Tiffany's writings! What a gift and honor to meet her.

  3. I'm so glad you got to meet her and spend time talking about book over coffees (or teas!)
    Can't wait to hear the results of the giveaway. You know me, I'm just happy when somebody wins! :)


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