7 Things Writers Should Do on Halloween

Hand out Books instead of Candy – There are a lot of allergies out there anymore so navigating the peanut infested candy bowls of Halloween can be downright scary for some kids and their parents. Make it easy for everyone, hand out books instead!

Dress up like your favorite character – Emphasis on YOUR character. Make sure it’s someone you’ve created, that way, when anyone asks who you are, you get to tell them about your book. Bonus points if you dress up as your book. Put your crafting skills to use with cardboard, duct tape and high resolution print outs from your local office supply store!

Eat so much candy you get a massive sugar high (not so much you go into a coma) and write your magnum opus in one night – I can’t guarantee that you won’t wake up to a notebook full of indecipherable scribbles in the morning, but it’s worth a try!

Bathe in the blood of your enemies – or just add food coloring to your bath… I mean, there’s nothing wrong with being pink for the next few days or a week. I mean, it’s right after Halloween. Everyone will understand.

Create a sound file of your spookiest story read with scary sounds in the background – Or buy a cd of Halloween sounds, pop it in a boom box and read from your book on the street corner as candy seeking kids and their parents trundle past.

Binge on scary movies and take notes – create the next Saw on Haunted Bayou seventeen! It’ll sell to SyFy for millions… probably with fewer zeroes, actually.

Lock yourself inside, turn off all the lights and let the brightness of your computer monitor sear your retinas while you make screeching noises anytime someone dares to knock on your door – oh wait? That’s a normal Tuesday night?

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  1. Lol, dressing up as your book. That would be awesome!


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