7 Ways You'll Exercise As A Writer

Typing marathons. Prep for these with word sprints and a healthy diet. You don’t want to get to mile 15 and be ready to fall out of your chair to writhe on the ground with finger cramps!

Coffee refill relay. Or tea, or whatever beverage keeps your creative juices flowing. That constant jog/shuffle back and forth from desk to kitchen is going to tick up the numbers on  your pedometer a lot more than that chase scene you just wrote!

Exploring other perspectives. Much like a butterfly press, this one requires some upper body strength. Mostly because the lazy alternative is going to seem like a good plan. DON’T GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS, GYMRAT!

With Run-on Sentences. You don’t even need a good pair of running shoes! Slippers or bare feet work just fine. And, since you don’t have to leave your house, you don’t even have to put on pants! And let’s face it, this is less annoying than the rhythmic jush of a treadmill.

Dodging the comments section. Like those red rubber balls in middleschool gym class, comments can sting when they connect. Dodge them like a pro. It’ll help with cardio and agility!

Office Chair Shuffle. Tone your leg muscles by pushing yourself around on the wheels of your chair, reach and stretch for that one reference material you need from the top shelf. Push yourself back to your desk. Three sets of five reps.

Hefting books. Because let’s face it, half the fun of being a writer is reading the things other people have created. When you come home with your latest haul from the local bookstore, you can do arm curls. Seriously, that bag has to weigh twenty pounds!

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