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Writing can feel like a very solitary activity.

You sit at your computer/notebook and you create worlds. You tap out 100,000 words…. And no one’s there to help you or give you encouragement beyond the general “way to go.”

One thing that is important about writing is support. This isn’t a completion, it’s a community. I want you to succeed. Your success is not something that will hinder mine. I’m not sure if everyone realizes that.

I love other authors. And I love giving them help in any way I can. To me, support is a thousand different things.

Support is retweeting about a book release or a Kickstarter.
Support is reviewing a book good or bad (I still believe that bad reviews can be helpful for readers to find your book.)
Support is offering to be the one who reads three pages and tells them what’s wrong.
Support is buying a book.
Support is showing up at a signing or a reading.
Support is simply letting another writer know their work has been seen, that it matters.
Support is offering up guest blogging space.

Supporting other authors is one of the many ways we can build up our writing community when so many other things threaten to tear it down.

So if I can support you, please, just let me know. Start up a dialog and help me find ways to help you.

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  1. Sometimes my daughter reads blog posts and the comments. She often says how supportive and kind the writers are to each other. Support is everything. :)

  2. That's real good of you! I've never understood why people thing it's a competition. It's not like we're all writing the exact same thing and are racing to finish first. In any case, I try to support where I can, but I'm super bad at networking and even when I do tweet/retweet it doesn't get seen by many. But I try and I'm getting better :)

    - Madilyn Quinn @ NovelBrews

  3. You're right, it isn't about competition. We all need the support, which is what makes this group function so well. Nice post.

  4. This is an uplifting post, AB! And you're so right, another's success won't hinder mine! I've been getting lots of encouragement from IWSG members, and it has meant a great deal to me! Happy writing!

  5. You said it! This is not a competition and there is room for everyone.
    I firmly believe in supporting my fellow authors anyway I can, including what you listed. And in turn, I am honored and humbled by those who support me.
    And welcome to the IWSG!

  6. Cheers to you! I also believe in supporting other authors. We have to stick together, encourage and support one another. IWSG is one of those great ways. :)


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