7 Friends You'll want to have

The Pen-Is-Mightier-Than-The-Sword Swallower – This is usually another writer and they know exactly how you feel when you want to tear the book you’re working on to bits. They talk you off that ledge and remind you that first drafts get to suck because editing exists.
The Booze Magician – we all know that person. The one who has something alcoholic on them at all times or at least knows where to find it. They’ll pull bottles from random hiding spots. These are the best people to have around when you’re in THAT stage of writing a novel. You know the one.
The Inspiration Dealer – Find someone who pulls ideas out of you on accident. When you have ten projects on standby and you accidentally pitch them a story you didn’t know you were writing, that’s not the best thing ever, but when you need to talk through a plot problem… they’re you’re go-to.
The Review Tightrope Walker – When you just can’t with a review (because you can’t stop yourself from reading them) this is the person who walks out into thin air to get you, to hand you that umbrella for balance and send you back to the safety of the platform.
The Editorial Trapeze Artist – Throwing themselves into the dark, knowing that they’ll have something to catch themselves with, these are the friends who know what they’re doing when it comes to beta-ing your book.
The First-Draft-Brain Tamer – Like a lion, first-draft-brain can be a dangerous thing to tackle on your own, these friends know to exchange their chair and a whip for tea, fuzzy socks and a movie marathon that has nothing to do with your book’s plot. (or whatever else is going to get you out of that bad place.)
And A Ring Master – This is that one person you know who could fill all of the aforementioned roles if need be, and keeps you sane at the same time. Tough love can be the method they choose to employ, but you need to hear it.

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