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Let’s talk about my favorite books read in 2015

I’m going with what I’ve marked as 5-stars on GoodReads. Largely because with my memory issues after the two seizures this summer/fall, I’m not sure I can trust my memory well enough to say otherwise. And I plan to read one more in the last week of this year, but no promises (though I have been assured I’m going to love it, it’s one of my mom’s absolute favorites from recent years.) This year, I read 55 Novels ( it looks prettier if you take a gander at it on the GoodReads site ). 5-star | 8 books 4-star | 21 books 3-star | 8 books 2-star | 6 books 1-star | 3 books 0-star | 10 books * As you’ll see with these five, I’m not lying when I say I read EVERYTHING, there’s paranormal, SciFi, a YA Thriller, a graphic novel, steampunk and contemporary romance in here. Patricia Briggs – Night Broken (Book 8, Mercy Thompson) I’m going to admit. I really dislike when you have x number ofo books in one format and then suddenly start releasing them in a different