How Epilepsy Has Effected My Writing

Feeling like crap is a major factor in my ability to write. Having severe memory issues as well as suffering the effects of temporal seizures has meant that this year’s writing has been pretty sucky.

One of the things that keep me motivated with writing is my love of spreadsheets and my own self competitive nature.

I set goals (sometimes unrealistic) and I keep track of all sorts of writing metrics. The most simple of these two things relate to word count.

If you’ve been around for a while, you’ll know that in 2013, I set out to write 1 million words between January 1 and November 30 (I’m rubbish at writing in December – there’s too much else going on!). I met that goal and am still sorting through the pile of edits it left me with.

But since 2013, I’ve been keeping detailed accounts of my daily writing. 2013 is also the year when I started having my partial seizures (or at least when I noticed them).

Now, as far as I know… the partial seizures don’t affect my writing too much. In some cases, they’ve provided some interesting writing tangents. But when I look at the period of time from when I had my first grand mal… to when I received my diagnosis and wound up on ALL THE MEDICATION IN THE WORLD, it’s a pretty depressing bar graph.


So, yes. Epilepsy has effected my writing. If nothing else, it’s effected my productivity.

But I’m lucky. It’s something that is treatable. And since getting medicated, I’ve gotten back to a seemingly normal output.  Let’s just hope there aren’t any setbacks.

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  1. I have epilepsy and I guess because I've had it since I was a teenager I don't recognize the ways it can slow me down, but if I'm being honest with myself it does big time.


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