New Year, New Plans!

Like with the last two years, I don’t plan on setting a specific word count goal (I don’t plan on pushing myself to write 1 million words in 12 months ever again). I’m just hoping to be better than last year. If I do that, awesome! If health issues arise that make it so I can’t…. I guess I won’t get there.

I have 8 books* planned for release this year. I might do more… I might do less. I guess it all depends. I’m on track for the first and third planned publications… but am a little behind on the second. So it’s going to be getting a lot more attention this first week of the year than other projects are.
* “Books” is the general term I use to encompass Novels, Novellas, Novelettes, and short stories/collections. At the moment, the break down is 3 novels and 5 novellas. I haven’t planned for any short stories—though I have one or two that might make an appearance depending on my editing time.

I’m going back in for—hopefully—another “100 books read” year. I’ve got a MASSIVE to-read pile (it’s getting dangerous. And I want to experience the stories that I’ve been toying with reading but haven’t made time for yet.
As I’ve said before, I read EVERYTHING. Seriously, go look at my GoodReads list if you don’t believe me. But I tend to get into genre binges. I’m hoping to make sure this year’s 100 books bounce around in the different genres.

Have I mentioned I’m still digging my way out of that million words from 2013? That pile is nowhere near as high as my TBR pile, but I definitely need to make time to clear up those books and consider what I’m going to do with them all.

I’m really happy with where I’ve been blogging wise for the second half of this year, and my hope is to keep it up. We’ll see if I manage it. After all, it’s the lowest priority most days, but I figure if I can keep ahead and get posts sorted out when I have spare moments, I’ll be good. Fingers crossed.

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