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New Year, New Plans!

Like with the last two years, I don’t plan on setting a specific word count goal (I don’t plan on pushing myself to write 1 million words in 12 months ever again). I’m just hoping to be better than last year. If I do that, awesome! If health issues arise that make it so I can’t…. I guess I won’t get there.

Publishing: I have 8 books* planned for release this year. I might do more… I might do less. I guess it all depends. I’m on track for the first and third planned publications… but am a little behind on the second. So it’s going to be getting a lot more attention this first week of the year than other projects are.
* “Books” is the general term I use to encompass Novels, Novellas, Novelettes, and short stories/collections. At the moment, the break down is 3 novels and 5 novellas. I haven’t planned for any short stories—though I have one or two that might make an appearance depending on my editing time.

Reading: I’m going back in for—hopefully—another “100 books read” year. I’ve go…

Let’s talk about my favorite books read in 2015

I’m going with what I’ve marked as 5-stars on GoodReads. Largely because with my memory issues after the two seizures this summer/fall, I’m not sure I can trust my memory well enough to say otherwise. And I plan to read one more in the last week of this year, but no promises (though I have been assured I’m going to love it, it’s one of my mom’s absolute favorites from recent years.)

This year, I read 55 Novels (it looks prettier if you take a gander at it on the GoodReads site). 5-star | 8 books
4-star | 21 books
3-star | 8 books
2-star | 6 books
1-star | 3 books
0-star | 10 books *

As you’ll see with these five, I’m not lying when I say I read EVERYTHING, there’s paranormal, SciFi, a YA Thriller, a graphic novel, steampunk and contemporary romance in here.
Patricia BriggsNight Broken (Book 8, Mercy Thompson) I’m going to admit. I really dislike when you have x number ofo books in one format and then suddenly start releasing them in a different format (in this case, mass market paperback and…

7 Things You Can Get Your Author For Christmas

Have an author in your life you want to get something for? This is a list of things you can get before time runs out:
Review their book – Word of mouth sells books. If you’ve already got their book and are willing to spare 5 minutes of your time, reviewing it could be the way to make their day! It’s a free gesture that can mean the world to us.

Buy their book (and then review it) – If you don’t have their book, consider buying it. You like them, don’t you? If you want to show them that, grab a copy of their book, read it, and talk to them about it. I love this more than I’d ever appreciate a box of chocolates (and I LOVE chocolate).

Buy them books as distractions – Most of the authors I know are in this business because they LOVE books. They read as constantly as they write. And this is a good thing. Believe me, anyone who loves books always wants more books, no matter how many they have stacked in a to-be-read pile.
Don’t know what to get them? Buy a gift card to their local indie books…

Opinion: Why Jessica Jones Is My Favorite Thing Marvel Has Done To-Date

I watched Jessica Jones the week it came out on Netflix. My husband and I binged it in two days. This is your “fair warning” for the spoilers that are about to come your way.

I don’t really know what I was expecting when we sat down for the show, but marvel’s been doing amazingly with their different offshoots (let’s all pretend F4 is a bad dream). And with Krystin Ritter, David Tennant, Carrie-Anne Moss and Rachael Taylor among the top-billed cast, I knew the likelihood of amazing acting was bound to come my way. I was not wrong.
Jessica’s character is the kind of “gifted” individual I have always thought made more sense. The world is not a kind place to people who are different, and just because you have some super strength and the ability to sort-of fly, doesn’t mean that you’ll be okay with the mental and verbal abuse that’s likely to go hand in hand with coming clean about who and what you are. Time does not heal all wounds. She’s been traumatized by the bad there is in this world.…

How Epilepsy Has Effected My Writing

Feeling like crap is a major factor in my ability to write. Having severe memory issues as well as suffering the effects of temporal seizures has meant that this year’s writing has been pretty sucky.

One of the things that keep me motivated with writing is my love of spreadsheets and my own self competitive nature.
I set goals (sometimes unrealistic) and I keep track of all sorts of writing metrics. The most simple of these two things relate to word count.
If you’ve been around for a while, you’ll know that in 2013, I set out to write 1 million words between January 1 and November 30 (I’m rubbish at writing in December – there’s too much else going on!). I met that goal and am still sorting through the pile of edits it left me with.
But since 2013, I’ve been keeping detailed accounts of my daily writing. 2013 is also the year when I started having my partial seizures (or at least when I noticed them).
Now, as far as I know… the partial seizures don’t affect my writing too much. In some c…