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How 2015 Actually Went

Reading –
57 Books

I set my goal at Fifty books, and if we go by technicalities… I didn’t actually make it. Nine of the books in that count are my own. I did read them, but somehow, it feels a little like cheating.
The longest book was Zero World by Jason M. Hough (I snagged an Arc at PHX Comicon) and the shortest was a MoPO Short Story, Silver Linings by Pip Balantine and Tee Morris.
Writing – 361,949-words
Amazingly, I’m only 77,000 words shy of last year’s count. The comparison chart looks ugly, and I wrote about a third of that in the last two months of the year. I had a total of 161 recorded writing days and averaged about 2,248 words/day.

Best month, November: 63,624. Worst month, June: 3,260. Average: 30,162
Publishing – 9 Titles

Up five from 2014, I’m a little surprised by that number. Then I remember that only two of them were full length novels, and I understand how I was able to drop nine titles while struggling with heath issues. Regardless, all five books in the Lunar Colony VI se…