December 2015 Round-Up

Reading –
5 Books
Two of my own, one steampunk short story, one contemporary romance short, and a SF title my mother has been praising for almost two years (and my mom doesn’t like SF). I’m going to blame this one on the holidays. It’s really difficult to read when you’ve got ninety obligations popping out at you each week. I still didn’t manage to get anything done, even with my reading sacrifices.

Writing –
Usually, December is an incredible mire of unproductivity. I feel like this December, my brain was trying to figure out how it could make up for the summer months where I royally sucked it up. I managed to finish off one re-write, make a little headway in the next draft I need to finish and get some work done on a side project as well. It was—astonishingly—my second best writing month of the year.

Publishing –
2 Titles
I'm not sure why I've done this to myself the last two years, but I'm determined not to do it again next year. December is hectic enough as it is before I throw two release dates at myself!

Blogging –
33 Posts

Having made a commitment to be present here, to keep myself grounded if nothing else, I’m really proud of the fact that I’ve been able to keep it up. As I’m sure I’ve said before, schedules and spreadsheets keep me sane! Let’s hope I can continue on in the coming months.


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