How 2015 Actually Went

Reading –
57 Books

I set my goal at Fifty books, and if we go by technicalities… I didn’t actually make it. Nine of the books in that count are my own. I did read them, but somehow, it feels a little like cheating.

The longest book was Zero World by Jason M. Hough (I snagged an Arc at PHX Comicon) and the shortest was a MoPO Short Story, Silver Linings by Pip Balantine and Tee Morris.

Writing –
Amazingly, I’m only 77,000 words shy of last year’s count. The comparison chart looks ugly, and I wrote about a third of that in the last two months of the year. I had a total of 161 recorded writing days and averaged about 2,248 words/day.

Best month, November: 63,624. Worst month, June: 3,260. Average: 30,162

Publishing –
9 Titles

Up five from 2014, I’m a little surprised by that number. Then I remember that only two of them were full length novels, and I understand how I was able to drop nine titles while struggling with heath issues. Regardless, all five books in the Lunar Colony VI series (a print omnibus will be available by the end of December), Never Alone, and books 4, 5, and 5.5 of the Flynn Monroe series made their way into the world this year and I’m really proud of that.

Blogging –
161 Posts

Averaging about 13 posts a month, I had a pretty weak middle (though I’m not about to say I started strong). I’ve gotten about 20 more posts in than last year, and I’m hoping to improve again, getting back up around where I was when I was blogging consistently in 2011.

Best Month, December with 33. Worst Month, July with 4.


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