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February's Numbers!

Reading: 11 Books
(Avg GR rating: 3.6)
The High Priestess | Beauty & the Clockwork Beast | Feed | Pugilist Dreams | Dead Heat | Meeting his Match | Clementine | Queen of Swords |Queen of Wands |Two if by Sea | Second Chance Summer | Holiday in Danger

Writing: 48,399 in 21 days
(Avg 2,304.7w/day)

I probably would have liked to get in another 9k, just to beat my 2014 w/c, but I passed last year’s count, so I’m calling it a win. I finished two drafts, revised two more, and did a lot of preplanning and other “get ready to draft” work.
2 books, one Free Flash
The first in my Clockwork Fairytales romance series. Beauty& the Clockwork Beast came out Feb 2nd and has been doing absolutely fabulous. Seriously, I can’t begin to thank all of you who’ve bought a copy enough! And I published another short story February 15th. Pugilist Dreams is a fun SF with hints of cyberpunk . It’s free to read thought Kindle Unlimited.

On the blog for Valentine’s Day, I posted an urban fantasy flash stor…

Cover Reveal: MoPO Book 5 - The Ghost Rebellion

I don’t think it’s a secret that I’ve loved the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences series since I got an arc of Phoenix Rising back in 2011. So I was ecstatic to hear there was a way to make book 5 happen back when Pip and Tee set up their kickstarter for The Ghost Rebellion. I’m happy to be able to help them out in today’s cover reveal.

The chase is on! After the destruction of the Diamond Jubilee, Agents Eliza D Braun and Wellington Books are in hot pursuit of Dr Henry Jekyll. While he continues his experiments on the aristocracy of Europe, he leaves a trail of chaos and despair in his wake. However when Eliza and Wellington run him to ground in India, they are forced to come face to face with ghosts from the past, and the realities of empire.
Meanwhile Brandon Hill and Bruce Campbell travel deep into Russia hunting down ingredients to save Queen Victoria's life. Amid the cold they uncover a new threat from the revitalized House of Usher .
All the agents of the Ministry of Peculi…

Vilifying Disability & Mental Illness

First off: Stop it.

I don’t get this trend. It feels lazy, oppressive, and overall systematically abusive. There is something heinous about the way the “other” is so often made aberrant.

I don’t really have a post for today, I just want someone to explain to me why this is (apparently) still okay in media?

7 Things to Secure Your Place in Writing History

Be a dick – Let’s be honest. The easiest way to live in infamy as an author is to be “that” person. You know the one. They do outrageous things, like stalk reviewers or spend all their time and energy bashing other authors—especially those who are more successful than them. When they’re not tweeting about their book and demanding that you buy it now, they’re trolling for attention. This strategy is a great way to gain attention and marks you as someone to watch. Do it right and hundreds of people will know your name. The fact that they’ll probably never buy your books shouldn’t deter you.

Throw your book at the heads of prominent figures – It might seem like a good plan, but I’m pretty sure it could be mistaken as an assassination attempt. But hey, you’ll have tons of time to pen your magnum opus from behind bars after they determine you are a threat to others as well as yourself. Just think of the news stories though!

Find people who love your work as much as you do and enlist their he…