Creating a Tolerance of Rape Culture and Discrimination: The Easy Way

There is a pervasive thing that has wormed its way into fiction and uses its own normalcy in an attempt to conform reader’s minds to a tolerance of rape culture, discrimination and ableism.
And it’s as seemingly normal as your average CISHET White Male protagonist.
This is the problem because he has become the default. Life doesn’t come with that default. It shouldn’t.

One of the things you’ll see floating about the internet is a list of reasons why reading it good for you. One of those reasons is that it fosters empathy. If you read a story about someone who is “other” you begin to understand their struggle and hopefully will begin to empathize with them. If the only books available are about the above mentioned protagonists, a cishet white male reader is not going to see anything in the world but himself.

The publishing world is slowly fixing this problem, and I know a lot of people who go out of their way to only read and write books that defy that default protagonist. Do you?

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