Creating A Map Of Your World: Part 2

This is a four part series, so hop back and check last week’s if you haven’t already and come back for parts three and four!
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Prep your proportions
If your map is crazy big (like mine was) you may need to deal with that. In my case, I took a picture of the whole map and then I popped it on my computer, dropped it into a word document (because I needed to be sure it worked on a 11x17 sheet of paper) added a few minor details, and then printed the think out!

You may be able to skip this step if your original version fits on a normal sheet of paper.

Break our your black marker
Step two is necessary in my opinion, just for ease of later use. Grab yourself a sharp black marker and trace out everything from your map that you want to use, coast lines, lakes, possibly rivers. Whatever you want in your end product,  you’ll want to put it in here now

Do the Line Work
You can do this on a window if you’ve got a sunny day, but I use my nifty light pad (grab your own here).

Put down your Franken map and line up your clean piece of paper.  I generally use a stiffer paper, watercolor or drawing paper. From here, you want to tape them or otherwise secure them together. This will make it so much easier to keep your lines together if you need to turn the map around to get a better position for tracing out your line work.

Always use a pencil for this step. You don’t want to accidentally follow a part of a coast line you meant to ignore and have to start over again (especially if you’re using some high quality paper).

I generally put in place names at this point as well as a map mark (name your world!) and an image for a compass…  but that’s only if I have all of that figured out already.

At this point, you have a pretty clean-slate version of your world!
Come back next Monday for part 3!

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