Creating a Map of Your World: Part Four

We're at the end of this series, I hope you enjoyed it so far... but let's get to the end, because its about time, am I right?

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

When you're playing with a world that is just HUGE, you may need to embiggen bits and pieces of it to give a zoomed in map of a specific area.

If you can scan the full map in, awesome. If you can't, you can do it the way I did and use a picture of the big map. Then it's just a matter of cropping and resizing. et Voila!

Repeat one of the first steps
If you recall from part two, the easiest way (imo) to transfer your coast lines, etc to a fresh piece of paper is by making those lines prominent with a dark marker and then busting out your light table/pad.

Add in the Particulars
This is a step that is going to depend entirely on you. I myself have one map that requires the embiggenment because of the need for itty bitty details. So here, you use the rough outline from your big map to place the features of your country/kingdom/city... etc.

Have fun with it. You can look at other maps and see what they did, or just make up whatever you want.

Clean up the evidence
Again, this depends on you. Cleaning up could be erasing all evidence of your land features from the big map, it could mean setting the features there, or on the zoom-ins, in ink, it could be that final coloring process. Finishing steps are pretty unique to you after this point.

Hope you've enjoyed this series! Happy writing, and even happier map making!!!

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  1. Great tips! I do like a bit of color on maps, but too much can be hard on the eyes.


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