IWSG: Am I Writing In The Wrong Genre?

I’ve been self-publishing since July of 2013 and though I’ve always called myself a speculative fiction author, up until this year, I’ve only published Science Fiction novels and short stories.

In February, that changed.

I put out the first in a series of Clockwork Fairytale novellas. Something interesting happened.

They began to sell with a level of success that I hadn’t seen in my SF titles. Which led me to an interesting question: Am I writing in the wrong genre?

The question arose because of the large sales numbers (comparative to my SF titles) and the fact that I had done nothing differently for these books. It is entirely possible that there is some other factor that I’m completely overlooking, but I don’t know what it is. What I do now is that I’ve moved more books in the first 3 months of this year than all of 2015 and the split is 86%/14% Clockwork Fairytales/Everything else.

But that leads to the question: What genre am I writing in anymore. These fairytale retellings are fantasy, which falls within the realm of speculative fiction, but it’s possible it’s more than that. These retellings are heavy on the romance element (and as we know, romance readers are some of the most voracious out there) and are possibly bringing in another segment of readership.*

I already have this year’s publication schedule done, so I’m not going to make any public changes yet. But I’m going to sit back here and consider what these numbers mean… and if I want or need to change how and what I publish in the future.

Have you ever published something that made you think you were heading in the wrong direction genre-wise?
* My SFR title is another of my bestselling titles. Yay Romance!
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  1. Science fiction is notoriously hard to sell, but fairy tales are big these days and so is romance. You're on the right track for sales! I often wonder if I'm writing the right genre. I could write only for my publisher, but I want to write my urban fantasy stories and they are difficult to market too. We must write for ourselves in the end.

  2. Not too long ago, I declared myself a writer of horror and dark fiction. I had written a number of stories, more contemporary in nature, but I knew where my true passion was. Declaring it felt good!


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