April Numbers/May Goals

In Real Life:
April was pretty tame in the real life department. I got new glasses, I spent a lot of time trying to remember what day of the week it was, and basically just forgetting ALL THE THINGS. 

1 book

So, this is kind of a cheat. The only book I logged on GoodReads this month was my own. And since I don't rate my books, the average is a big fat zero.

89,937-words in 21 days
(AVG 4,282-words/day)

This month I played with seven different projects. Most of my focus went into two main books and the others were writing to clear the cobwebs out of my head. 

I finished one draft, sent a different one off to beta readers, and made some good progress on two others.

Iron Heinrich dropped last week. It's the 3rd in my Clockwork Fairytales series, and was tons of fun to write. 

Reading - 10 books.
As I'm cutting back on some other things, I plan to make time specifically for reading. Frankly, I miss it.

Writing - 65,000-words
I still have deadlines to meet and books to finish, so I'll be trying to keep my normal pace again with some extra weekend work.

Publishing - Take a break.
I have nothing scheduled for release this month and that is pretty great. Going to focus on the June release and getting the things beyond that in line.

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