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May Numbers/April Goals

In Real Life: I had a SUPER minor surgery on my arm. They pulled out three chunks of run-away fatty tissue. The lipomas were in the exact same spot as one my mom had decades ago. Hers was removed by a dermatologist… mine was pulled out by a plastic surgeon. I am still chuckling about that. Aside from medical stuff (yay neurology follow up), we had an interesting month. The dog had some teeth pulled. I’m not sure who was in more pain, her… or my wallet. I got a new tattoo. Slowly filling up my right leg (emphasis on the slowly) Jason put a banjo on my shin, using my own as reference. We bought a new car and promptly took it on a single day road trip. There were dirt roads, fire crews, and giant squirrels. Also, a few strange looks from people in off-road vehicles. And, I found an app that makes my life SO much easier. It’s a productivity app that helps me remember the important daily tasks I tended to forget. Reading: 6 books (AVG GR Rating 2.66)