May Numbers/April Goals

In Real Life:

I had a SUPER minor surgery on my arm. They pulled out three chunks of run-away fatty tissue. The lipomas were in the exact same spot as one my mom had decades ago. Hers was removed by a dermatologist… mine was pulled out by a plastic surgeon. I am still chuckling about that. Aside from medical stuff (yay neurology follow up), we had an interesting month.
The dog had some teeth pulled. I’m not sure who was in more pain, her… or my wallet.

I got a new tattoo. Slowly filling up my right leg (emphasis on the slowly) Jason put a banjo on my shin, using my own as reference.

We bought a new car and promptly took it on a single day road trip. There were dirt roads, fire crews, and giant squirrels. Also, a few strange looks from people in off-road vehicles.

And, I found an app that makes my life SO much easier. It’s a productivity app that helps me remember the important daily tasks I tended to forget.

6 books
(AVG GR Rating 2.66)

Three of the books were duds, and only one got a 5-star. I haven’t gotten around to reviewing them yet, but it’s on my June list.
Goal: 10 books. Not met

71,723-words in 22 days
(AVG 3,260-words/day)

Considering the fact that the highest percentage of words this month came from the “miscellaneous” category… I definitely didn’t get the “focus” I wanted. But words are words, and I got a lot done on the things I wanted to focus on (if not everything).
Goal: 65,000 words. Met

No Books. So, exactly where I meant to be.
Goal: Take a break…. Pretty sure I met that one.

Reading – 10 books
I’m starting to feel like a broken record with this one. But I’ve got several titles I’m excited about and a few that I just HAVE to get through.

Writing – 75,000
I have a rewrite to do which should go quickly and get me over half of those words, so I’m pretty confident I’ll manage that number. And that will make it the best June in the past 4 years.

Publishing – 1 Book
Jack & the Mechanical Beanstalks will be out at the end of this month! I’m excited for you to read Jack and Orla’s book and see how I played with the original story line.

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  1. 10 books in one month?! Wow! I struggle to get through my goal of two! :)

    You got a lot of writing done this month.

    One question – what is the productivity app you use? I'd love to find a good one. Right now all I have is my monthly blog review posts keeping me productive. :)

    1. I use "Productive" on my iPhone. It's the first thing that comes up in the app store for "Productivity" developer's name is Jaidev Soin.

      Hope it works out for you!


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