June Numbers/July Goals

In Real Life:

June started off with a bang (or a bash?) Comicon was the 2nd through the 5th, and as with last year, it was just a ton of fun. Got to meet up with some friends I made last year, found a few authors who’s books have now landed in my TBR list, harassed my tattoo artist (right leg), went to a screening of a friend’s short film and just had a ton of fun.

And then, it got quiet.

Since we recently bought a car, we’ve gone on a spending hiatus. Honestly, I want to pay that sucker down as quickly as possible and refinance. It’s not like the expense is huge… I just don’t like bills in general, and the more I can lower them, the better. On top of that, it’s just been really nice to stay in, get work done in the evenings, snuggle my ewok and enjoy my husband’s company. (after 7 years, you’d think we’d be tired of each other (at least that’s what people keep telling me).

Since it gets so hot here from May through September, I’m looking forward to another few months of not going out in the heat unless I have to. On top of the 110+ degree weather, we’re in to monsoon season which means rain! An awesome thing to watch… from inside, with the aircon on. Humidity is not my friend.

1 book
(AVG GR Rating 0)

I feel like I’ve been running around like a madman. The only books I read this month were rereading things for research purposes. Nothing new, nothing to mark down, aside from my latest book.
Goal: 10 books. Not met.

84,584-words in 23 days
(AVG 3677-words/day)

One of my “goals” this month was to work on my focus. I managed that pretty well. Aside from Admin stuff (orange), I only worked on 4 projects. Two of those were edit related.

The beginning of the month was a rough patch. Between comicon and some heavy edits, my daily numbers were low, but I made up for them with the end of the month. Overall, I’d call this the best writing month I’ve had all year, even if it didn’t hold the highest word count (that honor is still held by April)
Goal: 75,000 words. Met


1 book

My June release came out on Tuesday. The fourth in my Clockwork Fairytales series, Jack & the Mechanical Beanstalks is a fun almost-Frankenstein-y retelling of Jack & the Beanstalk (never say!). Unlike the first three in the series, no familiar characters show up and it could be treated as a stand-alone (though none of them require that you’ve read any of the other books first)
Goal: Jack & the Mechanical Beanstalks. Met.  
Reading – 3 books
So last month, I made the decision to slash my book goal for the year in half. Now I only need to get 50 books under my belt. I did this for a few reasons.

1) I know myself well enough to understand that keeping the 100 book goal now that it’s improbable I’ll hit it is just going to result in bad things.
2) Related to #1, I’ve accepted the fact that this is a part of my self-care that outweighs my desire to beat myself at everything.
3) Less stress means I’m more likely to pick up a book.
4) Who cares how many books I read in a year, really?

Writing – 90,000
The goal might be lofty, but I’m confident I can make it (especially given the next goal). In 2013, I managed to get over 94k—which wasn’t even my best moth of that year—and I’m always good at pushing myself to finish goals. I’m a completionist, after all.

Publishing – Another break
I’m wrapping up a book I plan to release in August and some fun little things I’ll be putting up for free in September, so I’m taking July to get the first finished and the bulk of the second taken care of as well.

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