August Numbers/September Goals

In Real Life:
I am moving right now. Literally, as you read this, I am schlepping boxes… assuming you’re reading it the day it posts.

Anyway, that means I’ve spent most of the month doing a fun dance around boxes and with my brain half scattered around the room.

13 books
(Avg GR Rating 3.53)

Hey look! I managed to get in my best number since February.
This month’s reading tally consisted of:
8 Full Novels
2 Graphic Novels
2 Short Stories

Goal:  4 books. Met.

84,074-words in 30 days
(AVG 2,802-words/day)


This month was a little more consistent in daily word count than last month but definitely didn’t see any better focus. (10 projects is not any better than 11)

The dip in the middle of the month was brought to you by edits that I’m STILL not done with. The structural edit on that book went in a snap, so I should have known the full edit was going to be like pulling a snail’s teeth.

And I’m going to blame that edit for missing my w/c goal.

Goal: 90,000-words. Not Met.

Did I mention I was moving and in the shuffle a certain deadline was missed which shoved everything else back?

Goal: 1 Book. Not Met

Reading – 5 books
At present all but 2 of my books are packed up in boxes (and those two are books I bought when I realized I had nothing to read!*). Between digging all the books out, reshelving and organizing, I don’t know that I’ll have much opportunity to get to the  TBR list in my “already owned” books until after I get back from vacation (which only leaves me 5 days) so we’ll see how this goes!

Writing – 40k words
I’ve only got 15 dedicated writing days this month (thanks to the move and a vacation with friends I’ve been looking forward to for almost a year). As such, I’m dropping my goal. I’m a semi-rational person after all.

Publishing – 1 Book
Remember how I didn’t get Oath Breaker out on time. Yeah… she’ll be available soon.
*It worked out in my favor, I suppose.
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