October's Numbers

5 Books
(Avg GR Rating: 3.6)

A Fool For You | Shades of Milk and Honey | Inca Gold
Hold Me | Something Wicked This Way Comes

This month’s reading started off with a book I was so disappointed in, I cancelled 2 preorders from its author. Who knows, maybe I’ll reorder them at some point, but it’s one of those things where I don’t feel like I can trust the author anymore and I have a feeling it’s going to take me a while to get over that. (This is a third strike, btw. There were two others that left me feeling iffy, but this one pushed me over that proverbial edge.)

After that, it was a book I’ve been meaning to read forever, a book I reread after 17 years, one I’ve been waiting ages for, and one that seemed fitting for Halloween.

I started a non-fiction work too, but didn’t manage to get through it this month.

60,048-words in 23 days
(Avg 2,610-words/day)

The third full week of this month was the most consistent I’ve had all year. Unfortunately, that consistency didn’t start or end the month. Better than 4 months this year, and better than the Novembers of 2014 &15, so I’m not too upset about that.

I worked on 6 projects (outside of admin) which is a little bit more focused than I have been this year.



  1. Wow! You're doing awesome. Keep up the good work! My writing has slid to a stop with all the promoting I've been doing and creating covers. (Which I'm procrastinating about doing right now!)

    1. It's amazing how easily things can get in the way, isn't it? Especially when you want to have a life along side writing all the things cluttering up your mind.


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