November’s Numbers

0 Books

Hey look at that, I finished no books this month. That feels like a first.
It’s also a teensy bit of a lie. More accurately, I finished no NEW books. I did a lot of reading of things i’ve already read for fun and profit research. Those don’t count, however, so we’re stuck with that big, fat zero!

78,180-words in 26 days
(Avg 3007-words/day)
7 projects + admin

As you’ll notice, I front loaded this month quite a bit. With the exception of last year (which came about for specific reasons) December is always a difficult writing month for me. There is SO MUCH going on in other parts of my life that I’m easily distracted (more so than normal) and that reflects in my counts.

Also this month, I took a week off and did the full-time author thing wherein I shut myself away for 8 hours a day and focused on nothing but writing in that time (I realize there’s a lot more to being full-time, but as I’m not actually, I used it for my own nefarious purposes). I managed to pop out just over 40,000 words. Yay! This experiment also reminded me that Thursdays are still awful no matter where I am.
The other reason this month is front heavy, is that I did NaNo again. My way, again: finishing one ms and getting the bulk of a novella dealt with (yay we’re in edits).

I have a feeling December is going to be for editing and plot bunnies. Fingers crossed I can keep myself on track even while sorting through the obligatory christmas nonsense.


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