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November's Numbers

Words: 77,577 in 30 days (Avg 2,984-words/day) 3 projects + Admin (6%)

Hey, look who managed to make herself focus this month?
I hadn’t intended to do NaNoWriMo this year, but I wound up hopping on that bandwagon on the first, and I believe this is the only year where I’ve actually logged a word count every day of November. Lots of sneaked in words here and there on So. Many. Devices. My personal goal was 2k/day in the same project for the full 20 days, and I averaged that, so… thumbs up, Amy.
This month, I added a new chart.
Along with my daily bar graph, I’ve now got a monthly goal projection and cumulative gain chart. Because my brain loves pictures and numbers. Let's hope December (what little of it I have to write in this year) is just as productive and focused!

October Numbers

Halloween is over and that means two things. #1: I don’t get to shop for home decor again for another 11 months. #2 it’s time for October’s numbers.

Words: 61,056 in 20 days
(Avg 3,053-words/day)
9 projects + Admin (16%)

I need less than 50k before January 1st to have written more this year than last. But it is safe to guess I won’t be getting the 263,107-words it would take to match 2013’s million words.

We’re at that special time of year. The one where the weather is crisp, the year is starting to roll down hill toward Christmas, and I start getting easily distracted… like a cat, with tinsel. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep plugging away at the writing like I did last year. *fingers crossed*

My day job changed on the 25th (as is pretty clear from the end of the month counts….) and I’m not sure how the writing stuff is going to shake down because of it. We shall see.

Time to go kick November’s butt.

September Numbers 2017

Another month down, another (low) word count in the books.
Words: 34,245-words in 17 days
(Avg 2,014-words/day) 9 projects + Admin (14%)
September came in about 9k short of January, previously my lowest recorded w/c for the year. There were many distractions, several days were I was not at a desk, and much editing was done, so I’m not upset by that number. It’s still above the totals for september in both 2015 and 2016, and still above the average for the whole of 2015. Woo.

This month also came with the realization I’ll need to alter my schedule for the end of the year to stay on top of things, on target for finishing those major tasks that just can’t wait, and still managing to stay sane.
We’re approaching the end of the year and that one month where I have zero goals (Looking at you, December). The holidays come with enough stress w/o me glaring at a spreadsheet with too low of numbers. Add to that the fact we’ve got a big trip planned around Christmas and it’s just better if I keep the…

August Numbers

August was my third least productive month…. And I think we can blame that on actually being focused.
Words:69,214-words in 21 days
(Avg 3,296-words) 5 Projects + Admin
Saying I worked on five projects almost feels like a lie… like I should go back and edit the spreadsheet to show only the two that I worked on in excess and toss the others in with the admin.

July 2017 Numbers

This month was… interesting.
Words: 61,125 in 19 days (Avg 3,217/day) 7 Projects + Admin And a lot of editing only days

June Numbers

Words: 135,285-wds in 26 days

(Avg: 5203/day)
12 Projects + Admin
The beginning of this month looked like it might have a big potential for getting me that focus I so often find myself looking for, but alas, I didn’t quite get there.

What I sacrificed in focus I made up for in productivity though…

This was my best month in recorded history. Though, I still think February of 2013 was most impressive because 133k in 17 days is still just flabbergasting to me.

On top of that, I surpassed my total word count for 2014this month (woo!). But!
What we’ve done is only a metric of what we still can do. And so, I sally forth to see what word count possibilities July holds.

(Hint: it’ll probably be lower, since I’ve got two revisions rolling through here shortly.)

May Numbers

88,801-words in 19 days
(AVG: 4,674-words/day)
8 projects + Admin

May is my highest monthly word count for the year so far (by a whopping 611 words!) and it’s the best May I’ve had since I started keeping track of these things back in 2013.
On top of all of that, on May 22nd, I hit the point where I had more words for the year (so far) than for the year in 2015 (in total).
These insights, by the way, are among the many reasons I toss my daily writing into a spreadsheet.

April Numbers

84,747-words in 20 days (AVG: 4237-words/day)
7 projects + Admin

Edits always screw up my writing mojo. This month’s edit happened to also screw up my editing mojo. Pretty sure the best thing I can do with this book is to burn the print copy, delete all the digital versions and start fresh.
I’m not going to do that, but there’s every possibility this is evidence I’m in a cycle of literary self-brutalization. Let’s hope not.

March Numbers

88,190-words in 20 days (AVG: 4409.5-words/day) 9 projects + Admin
Focus was not exactly my friend this month (when is it ever anymore), but I did manage to get a BIG chunk of one WIP done.
I’m going to blame that lack of focus on the two long weekends we took this week, one for my birthday, and one for our anniversary. Fun times, but the sort of thing that lets my brain wander freely to play with ideas that I don’t really need to harvest.
Another thing I decided to pay attention to this month was how much admin I did. I tried to write enough fiction to keep that admin down below the 15% mark (and managed it this time around—probably because I did next to no blogging or prewriting).
I did manage to surpass all of my recorded word counts for March, so that’s pretty fun.
On to April!

February Numbers

71,471-words in 24 days
(AVG: 2,978-words/day)
6 Projects + Admin

Last month was…. Interesting.
I set out to do one thing, started strong, and then had something thrown at me that required ditching that particular goal. I’ll get back to it in a month or so, but for now, I’ve got a 6-week schedule that is possibly going to challenge my need for planning. Structure and I are friends.

January Numbers 2017

Reading: 6 Books (+Oath Breaker) (Avg GoodReads Rating: 4 stars)

1 Classic Murder Mystery | 2 Graphic Novels | 1 Memoir | 1 Non-Fiction | 1 Sci Fi
I’m two below my goal, sadly. But I blame that on the beginning of the year, the general state of the world, and other goals taking precedence.

Writing: 43,256-words in 17 days (AVG: 2,544-words/day) 4 Projects + Admin

I’m totally willing to count this month as a “win” in the focus category. December wasn’t because of the disparate numbers between admin and projects, but this time, Admin accounts for a little over 1/3rd (ish)!  And two of the projects make up the other 2/3rds (ish). It’s a lot of ish, but who cares! Progress!

Next month-- I have lofty goals for next month. And the biggest one is in that focus area. I need to rewrite a draft from scratch and my hope is to get that done next month. I got 133k down in February of 2013, I can get about 100k in this time, right? (Especially on a book I’ve already written twice before…)

Writing Resolve

I’ve mentioned before, here and elsewhere, that I don’t make resolutions. I make goals and I set them all throughout the year and shift as necessary, etc.
But some goals simply HAVE to be set in January. There’s no getting around it. With the exception of school things, January is place where our year starts and so, if you want to track something over a year, it just makes sense to do it now.
One of my main goals each year is a writing goal for word count.
In 2013 it was a million words--something I’m quite chuffed about completing as you’ll know from the fact I absolutely NEVER talk about it. In 2014 it was to average 1,000-words per day (which I did) because after writing those million words, I had a ton of editing to do. In 2015…. Well, health issues took me on a fun downhill slide that didn’t end until I got on the right medication in October. (I got 1/3rd of my total in those last 2 months). It wasn’t a wasted year, but man does it look sad next to 2014 and 2016. And last year, my goal…

2016 Goal Results

Writing Goal: Better than last year. Reality: Over 400k more words If you’ve been following along with the monthly goal reports, you’ll have seen that I spent the year kicking 2014 & 15’s respective butts. There are only 3 months that I didn’t surpass them both, and of those three, I still got the silver medal.

By June, I’d surpassed 2015’s count, and in July, I beat 2014. I even surpassed 2013’s counts for 5 individual months.
I did not, however, manage to get myself more focused. Hopefully I can get on that for 2017.
Publishing Goal: 8. Reality: 5. This year was one of getting to understand myself in a better light. One of the self-discoveries I came to was that my pace on things is not a constant. Some edits are the easiest thing in the world. Some are like pulling out my own fingernails, still others find me staring at a page and wondering if English really is my first language. Some drafts are easy to map out, easy to tap out those words and follow the twists and turns that pop up in t…