Oath Breaker is Out Today

Today, I get to share my murder baby with you.

Join me as I anthropomorphize a spaceship who was never a baby and technically can’t murder anyone… because she’s not a person. More accurately, she’s not a human. There’s a whole lot of person packed into that gigantic warship.

Let’s talk briefly about the book!
What’s it called?     Oath Breaker.
What’s it about?    A warship with a sentient AI uses deadly force to keep her captain alive and convince her new crew to start a war that ended a decade earlier.
How long is it?    Print copy clocks in at 406 pages.
Where can I buy it?    Get your copy in ebook or in print.

Now, I’m going to spend the rest of the day celebrating the release. Grab your copy, crack her open and enjoy my murder baby!


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