Writing Resolve

  I’ve mentioned before, here and elsewhere, that I don’t make resolutions. I make goals and I set them all throughout the year and shift as necessary, etc.
But some goals simply HAVE to be set in January. There’s no getting around it. With the exception of school things, January is place where our year starts and so, if you want to track something over a year, it just makes sense to do it now.

One of my main goals each year is a writing goal for word count.
In 2013 it was a million words--something I’m quite chuffed about completing as you’ll know from the fact I absolutely NEVER talk about it.
In 2014 it was to average 1,000-words per day (which I did) because after writing those million words, I had a ton of editing to do.
In 2015…. Well, health issues took me on a fun downhill slide that didn’t end until I got on the right medication in October. (I got 1/3rd of my total in those last 2 months). It wasn’t a wasted year, but man does it look sad next to 2014 and 2016.
And last year, my goal was just to do better. I measured each month by my ability to surpass 2013 and then 2014. There were only 3 months during which I did not surpass the counts from the previous two years.

Quick reference:
2013: 1,000,497-words
2014: 438,943-words
2015: 357,764-words
2016: 787,126-words

For 2017, my goals are a little different. They are word counts based on the completion of specific books. So, Technically, my goal for the year is just under 700,000-words. Divided throughout the whole year, it’s just over 1900-words per day. Considering my average last year of 23 words a month, I’ll be able to hit this goal with just under 2,700-words per writing day. Totally doble (I hope).

What about you? Do you set writing goals on a yearly basis? Monthly?



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