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January Numbers 2017

Reading: 6 Books (+Oath Breaker ) ( Avg GoodReads Rating: 4 stars) 1 Classic Murder Mystery | 2 Graphic Novels | 1 Memoir | 1 Non-Fiction | 1 Sci Fi   I’m two below my goal, sadly. But I blame that on the beginning of the year, the general state of the world, and other goals taking precedence. Writing: 43,256-words in 17 days (AVG: 2,544-words/day) 4 Projects + Admin   I’m totally willing to count this month as a “win” in the focus category. December wasn’t because of the disparate numbers between admin and projects, but this time, Admin accounts for a little over 1/3rd (ish)!  And two of the projects make up the other 2/3rds (ish). It’s a lot of ish, but who cares! Progress!   Next month-- I have lofty goals for next month. And the biggest one is in that focus area. I need to rewrite a draft from scratch and my hope is to get that done next month. I got 133k down in February of 2013, I can get about 100k in this time, right? (Especially on a book