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What I'm Excited For In February

IRL I’ll be finishing up my lower leg sleeve (Yay!) which is always fun. I have to say, the knee-adjacent work in the lining and shading was a lot easier than I expected, pain-wise.
We don’t really celebrate Valentine’s day. I don’t know that we have anything specifically against it, we’ve just never seen a need. I find cut flowers depressing and the mark-ups on things are ridiculous (yay consumerism).
Lego Batman Something tells me this is going to be my second favorite Batman movie (right between Batman Returns and the original)
Trainspotting 2 Who hasn’t been waiting for this? Who isn’t surprised they didn’t use the book’s title?
John Wick: Chapter 2 I have a SEVERE problem with the beginning of the first movie (don’t you dare hurt another dog, Alfie) but otherwise, I enjoy the chaos and shoot-em-up nonsense of it. Possibly my favorite thing Keanu has done since Speed.
A Cure For Wellness I’ll take things that look like a mind-f*ck for five hundred, Alex.
Tulip Fever First of all, can we talk…

Movie Plots

Let’s talk about plots! Only four today, and just because these ones were on my mind.
I consume a lot of media. Books, Music, TV, Movies, Memes. And movie plots are one of those things that I’m exposed to often, thanks to a cinefile husband and the relatively small time commitment. (Assuming I’m not binging on LOTR, or doing my annual Christmas Die Hard Marathon)

Let’s talk about four of the Plots I see a lot.

The Watch It Twice Plot -
This sort of movie comes with a twist, or maybe it’s a mystery. Either way, you have to watch it twice. The first time, you watch it to be surprised. The second time, you watch it to look for the clues you missed the first time around. (Of course, this excludes poorly done versions where you spot all the clues and aren’t surprised at all.)
A lot of people I know say you can only watch an M. Night Shyamalan movie once, and while there are a few that I’ve agreed with that on simply for premise, I think others require a second go, just so you can pay attention…

January Numbers 2017

Reading: 6 Books (+Oath Breaker) (Avg GoodReads Rating: 4 stars)

1 Classic Murder Mystery | 2 Graphic Novels | 1 Memoir | 1 Non-Fiction | 1 Sci Fi
I’m two below my goal, sadly. But I blame that on the beginning of the year, the general state of the world, and other goals taking precedence.

Writing: 43,256-words in 17 days (AVG: 2,544-words/day) 4 Projects + Admin

I’m totally willing to count this month as a “win” in the focus category. December wasn’t because of the disparate numbers between admin and projects, but this time, Admin accounts for a little over 1/3rd (ish)!  And two of the projects make up the other 2/3rds (ish). It’s a lot of ish, but who cares! Progress!

Next month-- I have lofty goals for next month. And the biggest one is in that focus area. I need to rewrite a draft from scratch and my hope is to get that done next month. I got 133k down in February of 2013, I can get about 100k in this time, right? (Especially on a book I’ve already written twice before…)

IWSG February

Is there anything more nerve-wracking than putting out a book? I honestly don’t know how many I’ve written. My step-mother asked me, recently, and I didn’t have an answer for her. I’m not certain I want to know. I mean, I do, of course, but I don’t.
Writing is something I love. I imagine if you’re a part of this blog-hop, you love it too.
I think the thing about writing, though, is that the better you become at it, the worse you think you are… the more you think you need to improve. I can attest that it’s gotten more difficult to write a book. Not because the story isn’t there, but because I’m constantly forcing myself to push on and NOT edit halfway through. Or I pick up something old and can’t help but wince at it.
The book I released on Monday might be my best to date… or it might not. I have no idea because I’m too close to it at this point.
Do you feel that way too?
If you want to check out Oath Breaker, my newest release, travel over here and take a gander.
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