Movie Plots

Let’s talk about plots! Only four today, and just because these ones were on my mind.

I consume a lot of media. Books, Music, TV, Movies, Memes. And movie plots are one of those things that I’m exposed to often, thanks to a cinefile husband and the relatively small time commitment. (Assuming I’m not binging on LOTR, or doing my annual Christmas Die Hard Marathon)

Let’s talk about four of the Plots I see a lot.

The Watch It Twice Plot -
This sort of movie comes with a twist, or maybe it’s a mystery. Either way, you have to watch it twice. The first time, you watch it to be surprised. The second time, you watch it to look for the clues you missed the first time around. (Of course, this excludes poorly done versions where you spot all the clues and aren’t surprised at all.)

A lot of people I know say you can only watch an M. Night Shyamalan movie once, and while there are a few that I’ve agreed with that on simply for premise, I think others require a second go, just so you can pay attention, so you can spot the clues.

The “We Both Know This Isn’t Going To End Well” Plot -
Sometimes, a movie makes no effort to hide the fact that EVERYONE (or almost everyone) is going to die. This shows up in Horror and Military/War plots all the dang time. They might dangle the possibility of survival. Maybe THIS time that group of kids will come out on top of the crazy killer/spirit/curse they happened to stumble upon in the woods. But let’s face it. We all know.

If you didn’t walk into Rogue One expecting all of the main characters would die, I don’t know what to tell you.

The Love Triangle That Should End In A Polyamorous Situation, But Society Isn’t Ready For That Yet Plot -
The girl loves two guys. The guys are best friends. She bounces back and forth between a choice because it’s too hard, and they alpha-male it off to win her for themselves. Can I just tell you, life would be so much simpler if love was treated like love and not a competition. Reminder: it’s not a finite resource. And let’s face it, you could still work in a ton of conflict in that situation.

The When Is This Going To Be Over Plot -
We’ve all watched a movie and thought “How are they going to wrap this up, they have no time left?” and then realize you’re only 20 minutes into a 2 hour movie, it’s just dragging and as beautiful of a movie as it is, you really want the plot to pick up, because you just want it to be over. *cough* Doctor Strange *cough*

Sometimes, it’s a bad movie that makes you cringe and you thank whatever deity you pray to that you’re at home and no one objects to turning it off in favor of watching paint dry. Other times, you paid fifteen bucks to sit in a packed theater full of people who don’t seem to notice that it’s never. going. to. end.


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