March Numbers

88,190-words in 20 days
(AVG: 4409.5-words/day)
9 projects + Admin

Focus was not exactly my friend this month (when is it ever anymore), but I did manage to get a BIG chunk of one WIP done.

I’m going to blame that lack of focus on the two long weekends we took this week, one for my birthday, and one for our anniversary. Fun times, but the sort of thing that lets my brain wander freely to play with ideas that I don’t really need to harvest.

Another thing I decided to pay attention to this month was how much admin I did.  I tried to write enough fiction to keep that admin down below the 15% mark (and managed it this time around—probably because I did next to no blogging or prewriting).

I did manage to surpass all of my recorded word counts for March, so that’s pretty fun.

On to April!


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