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June Numbers

Words: 135,285-wds in 26 days (Avg: 5203/day) 12 Projects + Admin   The beginning of this month looked like it might have a big potential for getting me that focus I so often find myself looking for, but alas, I didn’t quite get there. What I sacrificed in focus I made up for in productivity though…   This was my best month in recorded history. Though, I still think February of 2013 was most impressive because 133k in 17 days is still just flabbergasting to me. On top of that, I surpassed my total word count for 2014this month (woo!).   But! What we’ve done is only a metric of what we still can do. And so, I sally forth to see what word count possibilities July holds.   (Hint: it’ll probably be lower, since I’ve got two revisions rolling through here shortly.)