ISWG August 17

Guys, it’s been rough the last month. The weather’s been atrocious, job changes have made writing more difficult. And, well, most days are feeling like thursdays lately.
What are your pet peeves when reading/writing/editing?

Pet peeves are a dime a dozen.

In reading, word choice is one of them, specifically when an author is trying to make the scene sexy and they use a word that, while correct, is just gross. If I never see the word ‘turgid’ in relation to anatomy again, it will be too soon.

In writing, I guess it would be my “squirrel” habit. Waking up one day with a work schedule that doesn’t match what my brain wants to work that day.

In editing, it would have to be realizing past Amy was super lazy and left a bunch of work for present/future Amy to deal with. Past Amy is kind of a jerk.

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  1. Hi, Amy! Your post had me chuckling! I've experienced all those peeves. No sense worrying about Past Amy! Just learn from her and apply what you learned to Present Amy. If I let Past Louise get to me, I'd have gone down a long time ago now. Good luck this month with your writing.

  2. LOL past Amy. We all do that to ourselves, I think. :)

  3. Tell me about it. Past Misha basically left present Misha a book to rewrite for the fifth time when she had been planning to just revise, edit and publish. :-/


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