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November's Numbers

Words: 77,577 in 30 days (Avg 2,984-words/day) 3 projects + Admin (6%) Hey, look who managed to make herself focus this month?   I  hadn’t intended to do NaNoWriMo this year, but I wound up hopping on that bandwagon on the first, and I believe this is the only year where I’ve actually logged a word count every day of November. Lots of sneaked in words here and there on So. Many. Devices. My personal goal was 2k/day in the same project for the full 20 days, and I averaged that, so… thumbs up, Amy. This month, I added a new chart.   Along with my daily bar graph, I’ve now got a monthly goal projection and cumulative gain chart. Because my brain loves pictures and numbers.   Let's hope December (what little of it I have to write in this year) is just as productive and focused!