IWSG 01.18: New Year... New Me?

Have you ever noticed that so much is piled upon the idea of the “new year”?
January 1st has no magical powers (at least not in this non-fictional universe we inhabit) and yet, we ascribe something quite close to magic to it. As if our lives are like phoenixes and every 365(6) days, we burst into flame and are born clean from the ashes of the previous year.

Most years, the only thing that’s truly different on the first is that I wake up with a special kind of hangover. I’m writing this before that day, but I assume this year will not be much different.

That being said, I too have bought into this societal idea of the mental shift, of the cleansing of the soul. If you stick around this week, you’ll see my 2018 goals (and boy are they mighty). If you’ve been around for a while, you’ll have seen that I focus quite heavily on metrics and base everything around a calendar year.

But the one thing I’ve tried to shake off, despite years of conditioning, is the idea of the “new me”.

I’m the same me that I was last year. I’ll be the same me next year. Sure, little things will change but I don’t want, or need, to destroy what I am to be the “me”  that is going to thrive this year and break through last year’s hurdles and smash those records.

This might be the year you reach that goal you’ve been thinking of since you were ten or thirty. It might be the year that life kicks you on your ass and hands you more than you think you can deal with. Hopefully it’s the former, not the latter.

Set your goals, work toward the things you want. But never assume you need an arbitrary calendar date to start.

New year. New words. New friends. New opportunities.

Same me.


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