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January 2018 Numbers

Words Written: 46,140 in 24 days (Avg 1,923-words/day) 4 projects + Admin (24%) January’s Total W/C was better than 3 of the 5 years that came before. Now, my ever-lofty-goal setting self isn’t super enthusiastic about that, because I wanted to be more focused. I wanted to get ALL the things done, but there were other things to do that required more time and less in the way of new words. Goal: Finish 2 drafts (not met) Books Edited: 2 It is amazing how one edit can take for-freaking-ever and the next goes by in a snap. Along with everything else, I managed to almost finish two edits, one a final go through, one a first pass. Editing is always annoying and fun. Annoying because there are so many things wrong to be found. Fun, because I get to write myself angry little notes that would probably make someone else cry (note, on the rare occasion I do wind up doing a pass on someone else’s work, I always try to be nicer to them than I would ever be to