IWSG 02.18: Middle of the List

The other day, I took a look at my traffic numbers for these posts, and I noticed a steady decline based on where my name was in the list… that big ol block of names of all the awesome people who participate in this.

And I wondered how many people get lost in the middle. How many get discouraged and maybe drop their posting because of that.

Blogging takes time (anyone in IWSG knows that) and that time comes out of what’s normally set aside for writing.

Sometimes, drafting my blog posts is a fun break, other times, it’s restarting my creative brain by dumping out the stuff that doesn’t necessarily need to be there in the first place, others, it’s a way I visualize my analytics.

I’ve met some great, lovely people through the blog (seriously, talk to me and I talk back.) But restrictions and requirements tend to grate. At times, it feels like getting kicked from the list is less a punishment for failing to post, but an opportunity to reset and put yourself back on at the end where it’s easier to be found among the multitude of names.

Funny, isn’t it, how I’m starting to feel insecure about the IWSG…


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